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Buy your TEREA online.

TEREA tobacco sticks were specially developed for IQOS tobacco heaters. Finest tobacco leaves are ground and processed into small tobacco sticks. You can buy eight varieties of TEREA tobacco sticks, from soft and balanced to strong and matured.
Whichever variety of  TEREA tobacco sticks you want to buy, you can get all TEREA flavors here in the online store, in IQOS stores and wherever tobacco products are available, for example at gas stations.
Did you already know? You can taste the whole variety of flavors of TEREA tobacco sticks in an IQOS store near you.

Experience real tobacco taste with TEREA tobacco sticks, which is different from what you are used to from a cigarette:

TEREA Sienna
Balanced and full-bodied. TEREA Sienna captivate with a balanced and rounded tobacco flavor along with a pleasant wood note and light tea aromas.

Kelly: An interesting feature of the new variant is the subtle citrus flavor and menthol aroma which the manufacturer claims in its promotional materials.

The flavor of TEREA Blue is a strong menthol. It’s the strongest flavor I have ever tried. The deep menthol aroma creates a cooling sensation. The same faint tobacco flavour is present here. Towards the end, the menthol becomes quite strong and perceptible.

TEREA Turquoise
Mentholated and aromatic. TEREA Turquoise promise a fine and sensual tobacco experience with a subtle menthol note.

TEREA Mauve Wave
Mauve Wave: During a puff, the user gets a variety of sensations. At first, the menthol is brightly felt, followed by a flavor of wild berries. Sticks are described as ‘refreshing’, with a rich aroma that doesn’t bore you or irritate you.